Odyssee Mobile

API User Guide

Work Instruction

Work Instructions (WI) ensure that the work that is performed on a process or an installation is always standardized. It also ensures that the work is organized. Paperless WI can’t go missing, and can be viewed by anyone at any time. WI allows you to work faster and secure; which in turn enables you to be on schedule for a job. WI are also good for training purposes or best practices. You can have step-by-step work instructions which can be used for quality alerts, safety alerts and material safety data sheets just to mention a few.

Work Instruction lists

Work instructions are created and added to jobs defined as Work instruction lists. These lists contain a number of actions (WI action types) which needs to be carried out on an asset which you can define yourself.


Action Type Asset
Clean Pump
Measure temperatureRadiator


Inside a Job, in preparation mode, you can add work instruction lists and you can systematically assemble your own checklist with the specific WI actions in any sequence you desire. – This checklist will be the end product the technician with the right skill set will get to access and carry out, on his job.

Usage of Work Instructions in Jobs

WI are linked directly to the job. All the technician needs to do is call up the instructions and he can systematically check mark the processes or perform checks from a customized checklist. For example, the technician is allowed to check mark if an installation is in order or not, he can add related comments and he can also advise if a specific action needs to be carried out on the installation. Each WI can be standardized and timed as well. Since time and cost factors are the most important elements of a job each WI type can hold a specific time allocation this also helps to give a time estimation for a job to be carried out.

Admin module

WI can be generated from the admin page. WI can be linked to specific Sales Organizations, job types and installation types. You can predetermine what skills are required to carry out these instructions and you can set an estimated working time for that particular instruction. Last but not lease you can configure the WI to be added automatically to a job if there is a match within the job type and installation type.