Odyssee Mobile

API User Guide

Odyssee REST API are available in different versions, customer can use our API in two ways,

Versions are independant

We decided to host API version in distinct box, to ensure a new version cannot impact a previous version. This is the reason why main url and the ip address changes between versions.

Versioning Policy

As soon as a new API version publicly released, old relase will be stopped, 6 month after the release date of new release.

List of API versions

Version Code API Url Date Added Date Stopped IP Address
V4 https://v4developers.odysseemobile.com 16 August 2019 N/A Dynamic
V3 https://v3developers.odysseemobile.com 9 September 2018 N/A
V2 https://v2developers.odysseemobile.com 19 September 2017 N/A
V1 https://v1developers.odysseemobile.com 29 August 2016 19 March 2018