Odyssee Mobile

API User Guide

Odyssee exposes a REST API that can be used to collect data from the online database and to manipulate it.


REST API has different advantages.

  1. It's stateless, so you don't need to create any session
  2. It's much simpler than SOAP requests
  3. It's available to all coding languages
  4. The size of the exchanged data is very small
  5. You can exchange information by XML or JSON
  6. It's used all over the world

How it's working

You need to "build" the request depending on the action you want to perform.

Request URL

The url is composed of a static value (like https://developers.odysseemobile.com/api) and a dynamic value that defines the controller (like /Jobs)

Request Type

When sending a web request, you need to define what the action is. Listing data? Adding, updating or deleting an object?
This is done with the Request Type

HTTP GET to retrieve a list or a single object (specify the id via the url)

HTTP POST to create a new object

HTTP PUT to update an object (specify the id via the url)

HTTP DELETE to delete an object (specify the id via the url)

Request Header

The header contains the information needed for the API to create the connection.
It contains the Authentication, defines the format of the data, etc.

Request Body (for adding or updating)

The body lists the object id and its properties


To retrieve a list of companies:

HTTP GET https://developers.odysseemobile.com/api/Company

To retrieve a single company:

HTTP GET https://developers.odysseemobile.com/api/Company(98461E3A-DCCB-436E-B975-002A78A7B52E)

Updating a company

HTTP PUT https://developers.odysseemobile.com/api/Company(98461E3A-DCCB-436E-B975-002A78A7B52E)

Deleting a JobType (you cannot delete a company)

HTTP DELETE https://developers.odysseemobile.com/api/JobType(98461E3A-DCCB-436E-B975-002A78A7B52E)